The New Home

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The Winter Surprise


Larry the Liger - The Winter Surprise Cover


The Easter Liger

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The Lost Friend

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Welcome to Larry the Liger


 Meet Larry the Liger: 

his father was a lion, his mother was a tiger! 


Larry is a hybrid, large cat created by a mad professor at his private zoo.  When Larry gets bigger than his brothers and sisters, and drinks all of his mother's milk, he is abandoned outside a zoo.  A telephone call is received by the zookeeper to say a cat has been abandoned.  Join loveable Larry the Liger on his adventures...

Each of the Larry the Liger stories contains a positive message for young and old alike.  The stories are a great way to open up discussions about relative issues with your children.







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"I am a children's writer living in Kent with my wonderful husband and our two, beautiful daughters. 

 I have always loved writing and unlocking my overactive imagination.  I finally began writing more seriously around six years ago.  Besides my family, writing is my passion closely followed by reading, especially books by independently published authors.  I also like to dabble in amateur dramatics."    


"I was a mathematics teacher but always wanted to write children's stories. I found Rachael Phillips by chance on a Freelancers site; we hit it off and teamed up together." 



The New School

New School Cover

The Dangerous Day

Larry the Liger - The Dangerous Day Cover

The Rainy Night

Larry the Liger - the Rainy Night Cover

The Magical Sport's Day

Larry the Liger - The Magical Sports Day Cover

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